Cedros Island Sportfishing
Suggested tackle and gear for your trip to Cedros

Limiting the gear to the most essential is key here. Plan on your 3 core rod configurations. One to fish Calico Bass, these aren’t your usual Calico Bass, they can be on the larger side, so a heavier set up is good. Second rod, your favorite for surface iron fishing. The third set up should be a multi-purpose yoyo, live bait (mackerel) and dropper loop rod.

Gear Examples:

Rod: CalStar 700H, 800H or 6480H with 40#
Reel: Shimano Trinidad A16 or Torium 20HG

Rod: CalStar 700xh or 800xh with 50#
Reel: Shimano Trinidad A20

Rod: Heavy 7’, 8’ or 9’ Bass Rod(s)
Reel: Tranx (400) or Daiwa Lexa 300 Regular or Heavy or something equivalent

The above rod and reel combo's are to be used as a guideline. You may have other equipment that will fit the bill. 

The following rental gear is available:

Okuma Reels

Komodo SS 350 size Baitcast Reel  KDS-364

Komodo SS 450 size Baitcast Reel  KDS-463

Metaloid 5 size two speed lever drag  M-5II


Okuma Rods

SCT Spiral Wrap Inshore Rods SCTi-C-801H

SCT Spiral Wrap Boat Rods SCT-C-701H


Tackle Suggestions

Bag of #1, 1/0, 2/0, 3/0, 4/0, 5/0 live bait hooks. 7/0 for fishing dropper loop for large grouper and white sea bass.
Bring a couple Sabiki rigs, #6 is good in white with a 2oz sinker.

Surface Irons:
Bring your favorite brand. Salas 7x, Candybar and Tady 45 work well. Bring at least 4 or 5.
Colors that seem to work best are: Mint Green, Birdcrap, Scrambled Egg, Blue & White

Heavy Iron/Yoyo Jigs:
Again, bring your favorite brand. Salas 6x and 6xJr work well. Bring at least 4 or 5.
Colors that seem to work best are: Mint Green, Birdcrap, Scrambled Egg, Blue & White

MC Swim Baits: (Calico Bass) Bring up to 30-40 if you are planning on fishing for Calico Bass.
MC Velios Christmas Tree or some call them Watermelon work well when matched with a weedless 1oz lead head in bright orange or red.
Other colors: Browns, Reds, Motor Oil
Lead Heads/Weedless Heads 1oz - 2oz

Jerk Baits:  Multiple.  Mackerel and/or Sardine.

Phenix Bait Company: Vengeance Kelp Jig Spins work great in Root Beer Calico and Red Crab. 1oz, 1 1/2oz or 2oz. Let the bait sink out for a few seconds and then turn the handle.  These are also weedless, so don't be afraid to let them sink out, even in the kelp.  We have these available for purchase at the lodge or puchase them online at phenixbaits.com. 

Hookup Baits: These also work very well at Cedros.  The 1oz-2oz work great. The Red Crab and Orange colors for Calico Bass and Sheephead. These are also available for purchase at the lodge or online at hookupbaits.com.

Rapalas: 30's and/or 40's. Mackerel, Sardine, or something with a little red or orange.

Flat Falls: 2-3

Sinkers: Please bring your own sinkers, but only what you need.  The most used sinker weights are 4oz, 6oz & 8oz.

Rods, Reels & Line:

3 rods is all you really need.

1.  An inshore rod (8') for throwing plastics and spinner baits, paired with a bait casting reel with 40lb braid and 30lb-50lb fluor. If the kelp isn't thick, use lighter line.

2.  For throwing surface iron, an 8' to 9' rod with 65lb braid is fine, with a 30lb-40lb topper.

3.  For throwing heavier iron, a 7' to 8' rod with 65lb braid is fine, with a 40lb topper.

25# to 65# - Don't be afraid to use heavy line.  The fish are not "line shy"...especially in the kelp!

40# on Bass Rods. 65# for Yellowtail.

Top Shots and Fluorocarbon:
40#, 50#, 60# and 80#

Heads Up
Don’t forget your thumb wrap!
No heavy tackle boxes!

Small duffle bags or backpacks work great.
No rod tubes! Rod sleeves work well, 1-3 per bag, tip to butt, zip tied or bungie.



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